April 30, 2016  


We will be blessed Sunday (5/8/16) by an appearance by Stefan Waligur!

Stefan Andre Waligur is also known as Macushla, an Irish term of endearment meaning "heartbeat of the beloved." Living in Ireland, Stefan is a contemplative, and a musician/composer. He is also a retreat leader and leader of the new chant and kirtan around the world. He is an Oblate member of the Benedictine Community called Shantivanam in India.

We are a progressive Christian community located in the heart of the Upper Cumberland area. We are centered in our faith and in our lives by the simple guiding principles of a love of God and a love for one another.

We invite you to join us. We are an open and affirming congregation. Whoever you are, whatever household of faith into which you were born, whatever creed you profess, whatever your race, sexual orientation, or gender identity, we welcome you.

Our faith is over 2000 years old, our thinking is not.

Please join us:
Adult Discussion 9:30 AM
Choir Practice 9:45 AM
Sunday Worship 11:00 AM
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