Through the United Church of Cookevilletogether we share a particular way of being Christian and being church.  We are not alone. The early Christian movement was known internally as well as to its persecutors as the Way (Acts 9). The life of faith is a way of being human, a way of interpreting, a way of practicing, a way of living. 

  • The wisdom tradition of the faith often spoke of the Way.  God watches over the way of the righteous.  Psalm 1:6 
  • The prophetic tradition of the faith also refers to faith as a Way.  Prepare the way of our God, make straight in the desert a highway for our God… Isaiah 40 
  • Jesus refers to himself and his commitment to a cruciform Way of life as, I am the way. John 14:6 
  • Paul advising the early church in Corinth being torn asunder with division counsels that in the way of love, he would show them a more excellent way. I Corinthians 12:31 

Individually and collectively, we are stewards of this wayOur participation is the opportunity for us, the community, and our faith to evolve and remain vibrant. The United Church of Cookeville represents:  

  • way of being church,  
  • way of practicing one’s faith,  
  • way of interpreting received texts and the times in which we live, 
  • way of articulating the hope that is within us, 
  • way of intellectual honesty and courage,  
  • way of creating a new eco-system for the church, 
  • way of sustaining a movement not a moment, 
  • way of doing justice, seeking peace and building community. 

Join us in giving to create and maintain this distinctive way of being faithful, of being the Church.

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