[contact-form to=”info@cookevilleucc.org” subject=”Worship Survey”][contact-field label=”Name (optional)” type=”name”][contact-field label=”Email (optional)” type=”email”][contact-field label=”1. What would you like to have more of in worship?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”2.The New Century Hymnal is currently the primary source that we use to choose our song selections. What other type of music/hymns would you like to sing?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”3. Currently, we use the piano as our main source of music. What type of musical instruments (if any) would you like to add to our worship to accompany the piano?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”4. The use of Video Screens in worship can help us to cut down the cost of printed materials allowing us to be better stewards of our environment, help members in our congregation who are visually impaired, ad in showing video/photos. What other ways can we incorporate the use of our video screen and projector? (Please note the use of a video screen and projector will not replace printed music materials.)” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”5. Is the use of Visual Arts helping make Worship more meaningful? If so, how?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”6. Are there more ways in which our Visual Arts team can bring more excitement and meaning to worship?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”7. What other ways/styles would you like to see us use/incorporate into worship? In the past ways such as coloring has been used or styles such as drum circles without words to songs. Think new interesting ways to do worship.” type=”textarea”][/contact-form]
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